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Jim’s Favorite Fermented Dill Pickles.

Ingredients: ½ gallon spring-top canning jar or quart sized jars and metal lids 1 pkg cocktail cucumbers from Costco or one package pickling cucumbers from Fry’s ( or as many fresh cucumbers as will fit into your jar) 2 tsp mustard seeds 2 tsp dill ( I use dried dill) 2 garlic cloves 1 Tablespoon mineral salt (I use Himalayan) 4
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Jim’s Gluten-Free Pastrami Melt Sandwich

This is one of our favorite meals after a long, cold day.  (in ten simple steps) Ingredients: Shaved Pastrami Swiss Cheese Sauerkraut (cultured) Gluten-Free Bread Mustard Butter Butter one side of each slice of bread  (2 for each sandwich). We use Three Baker’s, Gluten Free Ancient Grain bread and we butter it frozen so it doesn’t pull apart. Place bread, butter
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Pick a Pepper, Beck

After a few months of Arizona sunshine and daily water, our veggies are ready to eat.  For the past several mornings Jim has been treating us to his special scrambled egg concoctions, and…well…every day has been different.Yesterday’s entree was my favorite, so far. ( I say, so far because today’s breakfast is still in production.) Yesterday we had leftover steak,
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