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Jim’s Gluten-Free Pastrami Melt Sandwich

This is one of our favorite meals after a long, cold day.  (in ten simple steps) Ingredients: Shaved Pastrami Swiss Cheese Sauerkraut (cultured) Gluten-Free Bread Mustard Butter Butter one side of each slice of bread  (2 for each sandwich). We use Three Baker’s, Gluten Free Ancient Grain bread and we butter it frozen so it doesn’t pull apart. Place bread, butter
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Meyer Lemon Ginger Tea

On this first day of January, I decided to use one of  our ripe Meyer lemons to make a pot of soothing, infection-fighting tea. The health benefits of lemon are many, ranging from balancing the body’s ph to improving digestion, to helping to cure the common cold. I was after the cold-curing benefit this morning. We had some ginger root in
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